Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Diana Rubanenko

Russian Compound


Judge: Hanan Rubinstein

Police investigator: Khadr Mustafa

Defence Attorneys: Maamoun Hashim, Fahmi Shkirat, Tareq Jabar


There are 7 remand extension cases in the docket.


Ayoub Shehadeh Salem Ma’ali - I.D. 909638272

Defence: Attorney Maamoun Hashim


The investigator seeks another 11 days for the investigation.


Suspicions: transfer of money from Jordan to an entity in the Occupied Territories. The detainee is from Jericho. He was arrested on 17.1.11 at the Allenby Bridge.


A dialogue of questions and answers - all referring to the confidential report. In several cases the judge intervenes and asks the investigator to provide information.


Summary by Attorney Hashim: Apparently this is not a serious case, and the only suspicion is transferring money (9600 dinars) to a family. The suspect was formerly a bank employee, and today engages in real-estate. He's not a young person.


 The judges decision:...the suspicion against the respondent is based on evidence in the confidential report - quite solid evidence. The judge accedes to the police request and grants 11 more days.


Muhammad Nuaf Abu Sa’id – I.D. 853651834


Defence attorneys:Ismail Tawwil + Naji Amar - the defence attorneys are not present in the court. As a resident of the Territories, Tawwil cannot appear in the Russian Compound which is located in Jerusalem. Naji Amar is not present.


The agreements between him and the police were obtained by telephone:


Another 4 days remand extension, and the transfer of the case to the military prosecution.


The judge sums up and notes that the charges are "for all sorts of security-related events, and the suspect already knows about them". There are incriminations. The police will pass on the case to the prosecution.


Hassin Amin Hassin Kalawa - I.D. 939079554


Defence attorney: Fahmi Shkirat


Joint agreement was reached for another 4 days, and transfer of the case to the prosecution.